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This is Just a (Love) Song

from Clothe Yourself in Righteousness by Jon Watts



To: the most beautiful being in the room,
human being, I love living with you
in the Truth.

And if the power of Truth takes me away from you,
I'll have to love living that life too.
And if it takes you away from me, well
we already know how painful that would be.

It would be really, really, really, really bad
but for all the good
and all the hard times we've had
I love you and I miss you and I'm glad.

And this is just a love song.
It's dedicated to my pain,
dedicated to the times
that I've cried in the rain.
It's dedicated to my own dedication.

And this is that sensation
when you're feeling really sad
and you realize that sadness is beautiful.
Sadness is suitable,
and it's totally appropriate
for everything you've been through.

This is that place where sadness and love can co-exist.
You feel neither anger nor listlessness.
And maybe you feel love.
Maybe love songs can speak to your sorrow,
fall in love with tomorrow
and yesterday
re-learn how to play.

And this is just a love song.
It's dedicated to you.
Dedicated to everything you've been through.
This is for you.

And if I showed up at your door, would you talk to me?
Or would you call the police
and get me off the streets
because to love you right now would be crazy?

I just came looking for the truth
because I love the truth
and I thought that I loved you too,
but you were just a lie
and that's fine,
it's your life,
just don't bring your lies into mine.

And maybe you really do believe that I'm crazy.
praise be to God.
I didn't need you.
I just came looking for the truth.
It's sad that I had to drag it out of you
and your paranoid parents too.

And this is just a love song.
It's dedicated to this huge misunderstanding,
dedicated to the year you left me stranded,
dedicated to this place where we've landed,
to the strange and subtle ways that we planned it,
to the space and the grace in the misalignment
of all these planets.

No, this isn't for you.
This is dedicated to the Truth.


from Clothe Yourself in Righteousness, released September 23, 2011
Written by Jon Watts
Violin by Marina Vishnyakova
Cello, Mixing and Mastering by Jake Thro


all rights reserved



Jon Watts

Quaker songwriter & video maker. Inspired by mountains, deep silences, and love.

Founder of the QuakerSpeak youtube channel.

Clothe Yourself in Righteousness.

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